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Included in the following packages:
  • standard
  • pro
  • pro +ocr
  1. 1Create PDF

    • Create a PDF file from any file format with the From Any File function. Simply select the file you wish to convert to start the import process.
    • Use the From Clipboard function to create a new PDF file from the contents saved on your clipboard. The size of the newly created document will match the size of the item you are pasting from the clipboard.
    • Use the Combine Files function to merge multiple files into a single document. You can arrange the files in the order you want them to appear in the new PDF file.
    • Use the Batch Import function to convert multiple files at once. Each file will be converted into an individual PDF document.
    • Use the From Scanner feature to create a new PDF file by scanning a document and saving it as a PDF. You can choose the specific scanner you wish to use, the paper size, resolution, width, height, and color mode.

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