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Insert Module

Keep your files organized by inserting page elements and customizing the structure of your document

Included in the following packages:
  • standard
  • pro
  • pro +ocr
  1. 1Images

    • Insert any image (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF) saved onto your computer in the active PDF file with the Insert feature.
    • Using the Clip feature allows you to select and keep the visible part of any image. You can rotate, resize, delete, and move a clip as you please.
    • Use the Crop feature to trim and remove any unwanted portion(s) of an image.
  2. 3Pages

    • Use the Insert feature to insert a blank page or a page from another PDF document into the current document. You can also duplicate an existing page and insert it anywhere on your PDF file. You can choose the exact location where you wish to insert the new page(s).
    • You can add page numbers to your document with the Page Number function. You have the option to change the number format, the font style and size, and the positioning of the numbers. You can also choose the exact pages you wish to number. Similarly, you can remove page numbers from your file.
  1. 4Watermark

    • Add watermarks to your active PDF file with the Watermark tool. Your watermark can either be in text form or image form. You have the freedom to set your desired font style, size, and color. You can also change the appearance of the watermark (rotation, opacity, location, and position) and you can specify the page range you wish to apply the watermark to. You can just as easily remove a watermark with the Remove Watermark button.

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